For the youngest we have prepared a wide array of artists-led FREE ‘walk-in’ children’s workshops to explore multiple creative fields from sketching to digital art, with materials kindly donated by GreatArt, running on Saturday and Sunday morning and afternoon. We do recommend booking early through our website as spaces are limited.

Chrom-Art’s ethos is to bring artists and communities together, and encourage all to become actively involved with creativity, specially the younger generations.


As creativity is set to become the third most required skill for any job by 2020, it is important that children continuously explore the limits of their imagination. We believe that creativity cannot be 'taught', but one can become more creative by exposure, and by the contagion effect of being in an inspiring environment. Working and playing with other kids trigger a process of curiosity, intuition, and empathy that are themselves the start of a journey through a path of discovering our inner creativity.


Our workshops are designed to foster these processes that will unleash the inner artist that we all carry within, and to plant the seeds that will eventually flourish, if not always as creative output, as a deeper understanding and appreciation of the artists way of life.


Javier Melian

Co-founder of Chrom-Art CIC

NB: All our workshops are FREE and available on a drop-in basis, but a small donation is required to reserve spaces in advance.

Relax & Release

With KIMATICA Studio

Special sessions for kids to experience this amazing installation originally commissioned by Tate Liverpool.

Relax & Release uses coded visuals and motion sensing technology to track the body’s movements and project a digital reflector of the spectator’s body onto the wall facing them.


Using contrasting visuals and sound design the pieces takes audiences on two very different audiovisual journeys through states of relaxation or release, inviting exploration of the body’s movement without constraint or direction.

AV Masterclass


Aszyk is a one of a kind multi-disciplinary artist, exploring new areas of moving image and sound, especially the area in the middle where theymeet.

Aszyk offers masterclass sessions with young people interested in exploring the possibilities offered by the mix of art and technology. 

Frantic Fabrics

With Caroline Hands

Caroline Hands’ career spans half a century, spending many years in Orient travelling on her own, creating, and using art as a cross cultural tool of communication. A mentor and reference to young artists she organised throughout the years numerous festivals and community workshops.


Caroline is a multidisciplinary artist that uses countless layers of materials to create art: ink, metals, fabric, up-cycled cardboard and wood…

For TRIBEFest she proposes using discarded pieces of fabric and textiles to set children’s imaginations free through collaborative creations.


With William Hughes

After the enormous success in #TRIBE16, we bring back Will Hughes' stimulating sketching workshops where we encourage children to add a daily sketch to their ‘five a day’ fruit & vegetable routine, for a guaranteed healthy state of mind.


Sessions are apt for children of all ages, from the shy to the very intrepid (Max 15)


With Ange Mukeza

#Makeyourmark is a project consisting of a series of paintings created in collaboration between the artist and the public, allowing them access to the artist’s process through participation. Creating and processing our emotions and realities together. The project seeks to create a conversation between the artist and the public to explore what happens when the artist directly engages with their audience in the process of creating work.


With Rochelle De-Terville

This project involves children (and parents) having fun together by drawing what makes them happy in a form of a good memory. 


Rochelle De-Terville is a popular muralist and street artist based in London with a passion for using art in community projects and for philanthropic causes.

Stencil Art

With Paul Larricart

Learn the technique used by Banksy!


This workshop is to understand how a multilayer stencil works through different steps, and to follow through the process to create a unique poster using pre-cut stencils and special in-door spray paint.


Sessions are apt for 10yo to 15yo (Max 10)