The Maecenas Programme

Our Maecenas Programme is open to current UK based art students or recent graduates and post-graduates. We invite new artists to participate in TRIBEFest thanks to the contributions from a pool of private individuals (Maecenas) that covers the participation costs for the selected applicants. 

Become a Maecenas

Contributing to Maecenas gives you VIP invites to the Private View (Thursday 12 Oct from 6.30pm) and the chance to meet the artists in person or remotely should you wish to. The list of Maecenas names will be in a prominent place in our exhibition space, and in the catalogue.

If you would like to join our group of maecenas please email us to (Recommended Donation to become a Maecenas is £50)

Clare Shaw


Clare's work explores the mythology of the cartoon, and creating technically elemental, yet pictorially dramatic personae through large-scale oil paintings. 

ChihYang Chen

Royal College of Art

The project discusses the indescribable connections between humans and objects, especially when people are suffering from extremely painful and harsh emotions, which is impossible to tell anybody else about how one feels. However, people still need to confess to something. In this situation, ChihYang confesses to an object rather than a person.

Karolyn Simon

The Montfort University

Resurrection of Ophelia”  demonstrates the pain love can cause have when it manifests into something dark and unknowing. 

Andy Finlay

University of Windsor

Andy's work aims to draw viewers in and for the work to slowly reveal itself. It is his way of slowing down time, to remove them to a place where the world drifts slightly away. Andy's work tends to sneak up on you and slows you down as it transforms and I like that. It’s such a contrast to the instant imagery that’s all around us.

More artists to be added soon ...

Young Haitian artists


This year we have extended our invitation to a group of young Haitian artists from Port-au-Prince, mainly members of two local collectives: Timoun Rezistans and New Vision. They use cardboard and numerous discarded materials to produce compelling pieces of imaginary.


If you have the opportunity to visit the first large-scale exhibition in the UK of the work of American artist Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960—1988) that opens this September at the Barbican, London, observe the parallelisms between his art (drown upon his Haitian heritage by painting, for example, a hat that resembles the top hat associated with the gede family of loa, who embody the powers of death in Vodou) and these young local artists.


Haitian art is a complex tradition, reflecting African and slavery roots with strong Indigenous American and European aesthetic and religious influences, specially Vodou. It is an important representation of Haitian culture and history.

Herold Pierre-Louis

Josy Pierre Paul

Getho Jean Baptiste

Mario Pierre-Louis

Daphney Tilmee

Lesly Pierrepaul

Evans Richelieu

Charles Jerry

Jeansaintil Queensanda

Londel Innocent

Peterson Alexis

Love Leonce