#TRIBE17 - Art Sale

Meet 150 hot artists from UK and all over the world

Meet Emerging Artists coming to London from more than 20 different countries

XOXO is about Love and its manifestations

In order to express what love is, or the love we can feel, we use tangible, understandable structures – words, visual elements, music, touch. It's our attempt to refer to something that is by default abstract and ineffable, but deeply present in our everyday life. The epistemology of love tries precisely to understand how we manage to express love and this has involved  philosophy, art, language and theory of emotions since the ancient Greeks.


A very modern example of how the expression of love, especially in digital communication, has been simplified can be found in the  use of XOXO – hugs and kisses – as a written gesture of sincerity, love and good friendship. X and O have come to adopt many meanings throughout the ages. For christianity, the cross is the ultimate expression of love and sacrifice for others. A ring is also a universal sign for love and commitment. The more recent emoticon-inspired interpretation is that an "X" is stylized representation of two mouths kissing, while "O" shows two pairs of arms coming together to complete a hug.


With XOXO@OXO we wanted to invite artists to explore any  manifestations of the abstract concept of love, the need to have them, their effectiveness against hate and division, and their ability to originate more love.


Curated by Beata Kozlowska and Kris Cieslak

'I have been part of the ‘tribe’ for two years now and the it has given me reason to paint, carry on painting and inspired me to produce more art as I always felt appreciated and loved and they always make me feel energised and honoured to get out and show my work and I always received massive support from the team. The event is very popular, well organised, very approachable and friendly team always there to help and I got to meet so many incredibly talented artists from across the arts and made so new friends and every year I look forward to this event as to be honest the highlight of my ‘art’ career and one of the most exciting events in London. Friends from Italy, family from france and Italy… everybody came to see me during those days and attend the event and it was just wonderful and fun.

The event are always organised with love and passion and are going from strength to strength. I look forward for the new Tribe and I just cannot wait :) '


Stefano Cesario, artist


'Tribe16 was my first ever exhibition and I was very lucky for this to be with the Chrom-Art team. This is an amazing group of people who are passionate about their volunteer work, and I stress volunteer because all the proceeds go back into developing the careers of emerging artists. As this was more than a visual arts event (performance and installation), I was able to connect with my fellow peers from different creative disciplines. The feel of the event is genuine and organic – from my interactions with the audience and fellow artists to the venue and organizers. Since Tribe16, I have continued to work with the Chrom-Art in other avenues to promote my work and career. Much respect to the team and keep up the good work!'


KV Duong, artist

‘I have participated in the Tribe festival since it started a couple of years ago. It’s great fun, very upbeat, lots of interesting artists and visitors and a good opportunity to meet, network, collaborate.

The Chrom-Art team always work tirelessly and passionately to ensure it is the best it can be.’


Sal Jones, artist


'Tribe 16 was my first art experience ever, since then I have participated in many other art events but no one has the amusing mixture of every style from so many perspectives. You also managed to select great works accompanied but the coolest team of people. For me it was an amazing launch to the art world, I made friendships, professional contacts, I sold my first paintings, I learnt lots from all and I had an smashing fun during both years.

Everyone is so looking forward :) ♡ '


Maria Linares Freire, artist


"Tribe is a family friendly creative extravaganza"


 William Hughes, artist

Meet the artists

Nicolas Eftychiou     (UK)

Alessandra Borovaya-Belilovskaya  (Belarus)

Cyril Arsac                  (UK)

Donghwan Ko                    (South korea)

Elaine Breinlinger            (UK)

Elena González Nieto    (UK)

Elena Markina                    (RUSSIA)

Elinor Sherwood             (Ireland)

Eskild Beck                         (Denmark)

Iskra Dinkova                      (Denmark)

Julián Díez Cabeza          (Spain)

Kathlyn Pagador    (UK)

Krima Amin (UK)

KV Duong (UK)

Lee Blyth (UK)

Luca di Maio (Italy)

Marcus Lister            (UK)

Maria Linares Freire (UK)

Maria Ivanonva (Russia)

Fernanda Diniz   (Brazil)

Marie La-Anyane    (UK)

Marina Viatkina (Russia)

Masha Trotzky (Russia)

Michael Gurhy          (UK)

Michael Young           (UK)

Mika Codner              (UK)

Nara Walker (Australia)

Neil Ellis                       (UK)

Oleg Akberdin         (UK)

Paul Kingsley Squire (UK)

Paul (The Finsbury Park Deltics) (UK)

Pernilla Iggstrom   (UK)

Plácido Rodríguez (Spain)

Rachie Campbell    (UK)

Rakeem Russell      (UK)

Renegade                    (UK)

Rennie Pilgrem (UK)

Ric Stott (UK)

Robbie O'Keeffe (UK)

Roman Lokati (UK)

Shakira Twigden (UK)

Sal  Jones (UK)

Sally McKay (UK)

Samantha Reilly (UK)

Adrienne Cameron         (Austrilia)

Amy Oliver

Andrea Chisesi                  (Italy)

Andy Rhodes                     (UK)

Aneta  Kosin                        (Poland )

Angel Iliev                             (UK)

Anna Jaxe                             (UK)

Ashleigh Dix                        (UK)

Becky Hanney                    (UK)

Belmin Pilevneli               (UK)

Bethany Morris                  (UK)

Bridget Adams                  (UK)

Buse Tanil                             (Turkey)

Caroline Derveaux           (UK)

Cherish Marshall             (UK)

Clive Matthews                 (UK)

Damian Tomczyk             (UK)

Damien Borowik              (UK)

Dana Couling                      (UK)

Elechi Todd                          (Trinidad & Tobago)

These are examples of participating artists. The full list will be available in our digital catalogue. To pre-book a free copy please email us at tribe@chrom-art.org.