The Lab is a space dedicating to trying new approaches to help the unrepresented artists community and demonstrating social impact. As a social enterprise, it is a main priority for us to evaluate the effect that our work has in the artists community we are striving to help. This in turn will help us inspire art lovers, volunteers, sponsors and donors hence strengthening and widening the support we can offer to creatives.

Psychodooldz at William Torbitt Primary School

February 2016

Psychodoolz collective members Rochelle De-Terville, Angus Castle, Dawid Gondek and Oli John headed by Marc Craig, took over the William Torbitt Primary School in Newbury Park, London, throughout Arts Week.

Year 4 students at William Torbitt completed three incredible 10 metre long murals

Two days, 120 year 1 pupils (not forgetting the lovely teachers and assistants!) equals one very handsome Chinese Dragon! 

Lots of high fives and big smiles from the kids who really loved the experience. Even the teachers managed to join in!

We celebrate our first anniversary

January 2016




A year has passed since we started as a social enterprise. It has been an incredible journey were many goals have been achieved, and many friendships have been forged. 


We now continue with very exciting plans, new additional trustees and many passionate volunteers willing to help. 


There are many problems creatives face that we want to contribute to solve or at least alleviate, such as lack of affordable space to exhibit in Central London, lack of opportunities for non commercial art forms to be showcased, and lack of studio space.


Please join us in this very exciting journey!

Chrom-Art's founder in FN Extra Mile 2015 List

November 2015

Chrom-Art's founder and Managing Director Javier Melian, featured in the Financial News (Dow Jones franchise which includes The Wall Street Journal) Extra Mile 40 list 2015 that recognises the efforts of philanthropists in UK's financial sector.


From Everest climbers to refugees that are keen to give something back, the list is an honour roll of inspiring individuals and heartening human-interest stories. 


For us is particularly important that an expert panel of philanthropists has recognised that helping talented unrepresented artists promote and commercialise their work is a worthy social objective.

Psychodoodlz @ Tate

October 2015

The project involved members of the public drawing their respective appreciation for being part of a Tribe in the form of a good memory. These drawings were placed on two 10m lengths of paper over two days and the final murals were joined together and changed into a very large book. 

Chrom-Art helped with the logistics required in the organisation of the event.


Psychodoodlz set to break a World Record

October 2015

Psychodoodlz are a growing and vibrant collective of like-minded artists who seek to explore and be inspired by mutually sharing creative spaces. This is done through the unconscious act of doodling in various forms, mainly images in black spray paint on large white walls. Started in April 2015, Psychodoodlz has grown quickly into a popular and vibrant force on the street art scene in London completing very large-scale murals over 100ft in the mythical Leake Street and taking part in Chrom-Art's #TRIBE 15 Festival near London Bridge. The ongoing momentum that keeps each project so alive is the celebration of the diverse individual energies that come together to make the whole. It is by mixing the respective artistic layers that makes the magic happen and makes the experience inclusive of all. The Psychodoodlz mission is to continue the adventure and actively seek those artists with a similar philosophy to partake and create.

Psychodoodlz have now returned to Leake street and are now set to enter the Guinness Book of Records with the largest doodle ever painted. They are covering the walls and ceiling of the iconic arches with their signature doodles, and Chrom-Art is providing the many litres of paint required.

#TRIBE15 Festival - Artists Survey results

September 2015

After our #TRIBE15 Festival drew to a close, we conducted an anonymous survey to participating artists. Artists consulted included not only the ones participating in the art sale but also performers and street artists painting live.


Overall the results are very encouraging. Chrom-Art received very satisfactory responses and feedback, both on #TRIBE15 event and overall brand identity and objectives. Average scores are above 7/10.


For further info, please download the Summary of results from the link below

#TRIBE15 Artists Closing Survey
Summary of results from the survey we conducted on #TRIBE15 Art Festival participating artists
#TRIBE15 Artists Closing Survey.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 276.5 KB

#TRIBE15 Feedback from Artists and Volunteers