Art News: "SACRED ART"

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Paint Your London

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#Tribe15 By WCRS

This weekend held host to #Tribe15 – an alternative arts festival run by the social enterprise Chrom-Art. Our very own Designer, Jacinto Caetano, is a co-founder of the London based artistic association which aims to help emerging artists develop their practice.

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Art News: "SACRED ART"


An exhibition at Aberglasney House and Gardens, Carmarthenshire 
29 April - 5 May 2016

- Opening night performance from international dancerand choreographer Yong Min Cho

- Group land ritual led by Sophie Bold and Emma Lloyd

- Ginbar courtesy of Ginhaus, Llandeilo

- Leading Welsh artists featured including Clive Hicks-Jenkins and Sarah Rhys

- International artists including Sung Young Park,Soon Yul Kang and EzioCicciarella

- Established and emerging artists including Jonathan McCree, Joshua May and JojoTaylor

- Street Artists including Joyce Treasure, Carlos Cashiero and founder of Street Art collective Psychodoodlz, Marc Craig

- Outsider artists including Swci Delic, Johnny and Stucky

- Shamanic artists including Imelda Almqvist, Ink andIngress Vortices

Sacred Art promises to be exciting, magical and provocative. Not only does it ask the question ‘What is Sacred Now?’ It engages with a multiplicity of living artists from widely different beliefs, backgrounds, cultures and disciplines.


Following the success of recent exhibitions of Aboriginal Australian and Celtic Art at the British Museum and Folk Art at Tate Britain, Sacred Art responds to the growing public hunger for objects, ideas and experiences whose value is not measured by money alone.


This exploration of the Sacred is more intriguing because the concept has been overlooked by recent art trends towards cynicism over belief, nihilism over meaning and shock over meditation. Sacred Art brings together tales from the street and outsider art, such as 18 year old Johnny, who has autism and communicates mostly non-verbally, and Swci Delic, former member of rock band until a brain tumour stopped her music and she was compelled to paint.


The rise in awareness of art from other, non-western cultures has seen people remember and re-engage with ideas of spirit-reality. Such ways of considering the world are both pre-historic and utterly present; influences are as modern as quantum physics, digital technology and genetics and as ancient as goddess culture, shamanism and folklore. 


Co-curator and artist Nick Taylor says of the event, “It is an honour to be able to bring together such a talented and diverse group of artists, positively inspired to ask ‘what is Sacred now?’ Transformation, magic, meditation, wit and exuberance are ingredients long celebrated in art. With Sacred Art, they abound”.

Complete list of exhibiting artists: Alan Williams, Ally Jay Phillips, Billy Moore, BirtheNissen, Bupjeon Sunim, Carlos Cashiero, Cecilia Rouncefield, Celia Dowson, Chae Hee Jung, Chang Sook Lee, Clive Hicks-Jenkins, Dawid Gondek, Emma Lloyd, Erica Frances George, Ezio Cicciarella, Flora Maclachlan, Giusi Tomasello, Graham Ward, Imelda Almqvist, Ingress Vortices, INK, Jeon Je-Woo, JFM Masson, Jocelyn Chaplin, Johnny, Jojo Taylor, Jonathan McCree, Joshua May, Joyce Treasure, Lawrence Nash, Lu Wray, Marc Craig, Marc Treanor, Mark Timmins, Miche Follano, Oliver Ashworth-Martin, Peter Hanmer, Philippa Sibert, Rachel Shiamh, Sarah Rhys, Soon Yul Kang, Stucky, Sung Young Park, Suzanne Rees Glanister, Swci Delic, Tina Reid, Vidyakaya, Yong Min Cho, Young JinChoi and Zara Kuchi (see for biographies)


Paint Your London


· Coordinated street art festival is a part of Mayor of London’s “Find Your London” festival

· Street art collective Wood Street Walls have recruited world renowned street artists Maser, Inkie &

Remi Rough to be part of month long project

· Artists will host coordinated painting across Walthamstow, Leytonstone, Leyton & Chingford to

transform buildings into colourful works of art

Walthamstow based street art collective Wood Street Walls will this week launch the first ever ‘Paint Your London’ event. Bringing together some of London and the world’s best street artists, the month long event will transform bland and dreary buildings across Waltham Forest into colourful works of art.


Part of the Mayor of London’s 11 day festival “Find Your London” , which celebrates London’s outdoor spaces, Paint Your London, with primary sponsors Fermax , Skyjack & Star Platforms launches on 18th March with Wood Street Walls hosting coordinated painting across Waltham Forest to create maximum impact.

A first of its kind event, during the weekend of 18th March 15 artists will be painting multiple locations, giving residents and visitors the chance to spend the weekend watching the buildings & unloved bland walls come to life through public art. Other street artists taking part in Paint your London over the coming month include world renowned Maser, who will be using the disused music venue The Standard on Blackhorse Road as his canvas, wallpapering the entire building on 11th April, as well as

street art & grafitti legend and Walthamstow resident Shok1 who will be painting at the Bell Pub on Forest Road, E17. See schedule here, with more walls and venues being added daily:

Paint Your London is part of Wood Street Walls mission to raise awareness of London’s need for more affordable artist workspace, something which is severely lacking with 35,000 graduates from Art and Design Colleges every year. According to the Mayor of London’s 2014 Artist Workspace Study London is set to lose 3,500 creative workspaces by 2020, that equates to a third of the city’s creative space.

This is largely down to a need to address the city’s housing crisis, rising rents and redevelopment of areas such as Hackney Wick which were once seen as run down and unappealing areas.

Wood Street Walls a collective of artists and professionals based in East London formed in 2014 by Mark Clack & Tom Jackson in response to report findings that highlighted the poor provision in the borough of Waltham Forest.

To highlight the demand for creative space the group has painted mo re than 15 pieces of public art across Waltham Forest by a wide range of artists including the internationally acclaimed Conor Harrington and Phlegm, as well as prominent local artists such as Mark McClure, ATMA and STATIC who themselves are pushed to work in other boroughs due to the lack of affordable studio space.

Limited creative space is a global issue so Wood Street Walls looked to the methods applied in New York and Berlin to tackle it and successfully launched a crowdfunding campaign raising over £38,000 (securing an £18,000 grant from the Mayor of London High Street Fund) to adapt an unoccupied, Council owned building into a sustainable creative hub.

Marcus Willcocks, Research Fellow at Design Against Crime Research Centre (DACRC) and the Socially Responsive Design and Innovation Hub at Central Saint Martins: “Perceptions of urban arts and urban creativity are changing. Commissioned, facilitated and self initiated works of many kinds no longer act as indicators of degeneration but are seen to provide huge benefits to the social fabric of an area. The team at Wood Street Walls are clearly demonstrating how different forms street art and urban creativity can help galvanise a community and develop distinct local identity, in addition to showing how design led practices can help handle anti social challenges, reduce stigmas and promote healthy exchange of ideas through visual practice as well as well as verbal.”

Wood Street Walls

Paint Your London

Design Against Crime

Skyjack 30 for 30 Campaign




at Londonewcastle Project Space, 28 Redchurch Street, London, E2 7DP

Private View: Wednesday 10th February 6.30 til 9pm

Press Preview Wednesday 10th 4 ‒ 6pm

Exhibition Runs: 11th February ‒ 28th February 2016

We are the EndoftheLine... Our walls speak for themselves.

EndoftheLine is proud to present Neverended, a retrospective exhibition showcasing a curated collection of over 200 pieces by internationally acclaimed graffiti and street artists from the Rockwell House private collection.

For two weeks in February, EndoftheLine will take over the entire LondonNewcastle Project Space on Redchurch Street in the heart of Shoreditch providing a snapshot of the last ten years of East London’s graffiti, street art and hip hop community.

Curated by EndoftheLine, London’s link between mainstream and the underground, this momentous show represents a decade of Artwork from some of London and the World’s most important and influential urban artists including: 123Klan, Will Barras, Mr Jago, Sickboy, Bom.k, Sowat, Dotmasters, Faile, Tizer,  Xenz, Sheone, Dan Chase, Ed Hicks, 45RPM, Candy Lo, Imaone, Suiko, Zoer, Does LoveLetters, Odisy, Dr Zadok and Jim Vision. 

NeverEnded invites visitors to immerse themselves in a world of graffiti, street art, music and film with a series of pop up events held in the exhibition space; including live art, life drawing classes, music showcases by the 5th Element Agency & Lyrix Organix, pop up feasts and live talks.

Jim Vision, Creative Director of EndoftheLine and one of London’s acclaimed graffiti artist's said Neverended: A Retrospective is a culmination of ten years riding on the wave of gentrification, constantly seeking out new places, spaces and walls to challenge accepted norms of traditional art making.

This retrospective takes the pulse of East London’s urban art scene in 2016,” Jim said. “This is our personal collection which reveals the transformation of the streets of Shoreditch and the tensions between urban development and artistic freedom, and represents what will be lost when everything is glass towers. 

A small pop-up shop will also be running for the duration of the show featuring limited edition prints by many of the featured artists, collectibles and a selection of customized street furniture.

Opening days and hours

Thursday 11th Feb til Sunday 28 February 2016

General Opening : Tuesday through Sunday 11 ‒ 8pm

Mondays ‒ closed for private viewings


Photographs, catalogues, price lists and interviews available upon request.

About EndoftheLine

We are EndoftheLine. Purveyors of fine aerosol productions. Our walls speak for themselves. EndoftheLine are based in East London with a focus on producing huge murals, cutting edge installations and hosting events that showcase contemporary art from the streets. Alongside various pop-up events, 2016 sees EndoftheLine transform various spaces for a series of unique events and exhibitions, limited edition print releases and large scale commercial commissions.

History of EndoftheLine

In the beginning, EndoftheLine emerged as a Urban Contemporary art collective who paint abandoned spaces across East London and hosted raves in squats in the eponymous Cablestreet warehouse in Limehouse and exhibited at the old Dragon bar, a Dive bar and writers bench in Leonard Street. Over the last ten years, EndoftheLine have hosted epic exhibitions including the White Canvas Project, the Bad Note and Shades of Things to Come as well as hosting the annual international paint festival Meeting of Styles in the UK.


Matilda Tickner-Du



#Tribe15 By WCRS

This weekend held host to #Tribe15 – an alternative arts festival run by the social enterprise Chrom-Art. Our very own Designer, Jacinto Caetano, is a co-founder of the London based artistic association which aims to help emerging artists develop their practice.

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