#TRIBE17 International Art Festival

Thursday 12 - Sunday 15 October 2017                                  OXO Tower Bargehouse, London

Following two years of snowballing success,  the third Edition of #TRIBE17 took place from Oct 12 to 15 at OXO Tower Bargehouse, London. A festival set to promote talented emerging and undiscovered artists, giving them a unique platform to exhibit in Central London, in many cases for the first time ever.

 Our FREE ENTRY energy-fuelled show attracted 6,000 visitors this year and featured over 200 international and UK-based artists from the world of contemporary art, music, and performance. This is a family friendly ‘living exhibition’ encouraging cross-disciplinary creative collaboration. 

 Conceived as an immersive multicultural festival engaging a diversity of art forms including 2D and 3D art works, virtual reality experiences, digital art, installations, short film, concerts and performances, #TRIBE17 was held this year at OXO Tower Bargehouse, a distinctive Central London landmark boasting 15,000 sq ft of warehouse space over five floors that became a utopian space where notions of physicality and the limitations associated with it were challenged through a dense network of multiple human relations and energies.

150 thoroughly selected hot visual artists participate in the art sale section of our festival, with a special prize sponsored by JustGiclee . Artists come to London from over 20 different countries including Brazil, Russia, USA and Japan. Download the catalogue HERE.

After their huge success at #TRIBE16, the famous Spanish project LA JUAN Gallery, pioneer of the first gallery fully dedicated to live art in Madrid, returned to present a programme specially curated for our festival. A series of outstanding indoor and outdoor performances from acts coming from all over Europe, catered for public of all ages and some specially for children.

Kimatica studio brought us 'Relex & Release' an interactive installation originally commissioned by Tate Liverpool that was a great hit with the public.

 Relax & Release uses coded visuals and motion sensing technology to track the body's movement and project a digital reflection of the spectator's body into the wall facing them. Using contrasting visuals and sound design, the piece takes audiences onto two very different audiovisual journeys through states of relaxation or release, inviting exploration of the body's movements without constraints or directions.

Multi-award winning studio Ithaca Audio returned another year to our festival with their extraordinary  installation 'The Typewriter'.

Using a manual typewriter to create a real time video remix, this installation & live performance (with no post production compositing) shows Ithaca's hacked 1920s Remington Portable typewriter with video mapping and touch control.

Young digital artist ASZYK premiered his last VJ show at our festival. 'Floral Intensities' where big beats and luscious loops collide in a unique audiovisual experience; worlds are crafted in virtual reality and rendered with a carefully curated palette of textures to create an optical feast that syncs up perfectly with the music. 

For the youngest we  prepared a wide array of artists-led FREE ‘walk-in’ children’s workshops to explore multiple creative fields from sketching to digital art, with materials kindly donated by GreatArt.


Everyone the music curated by our resident DJs and guests playing live throughout the festival. And for the youngest, this year we prepared a wide array of artists led FREE children’s workshops to explore multiple creative fields from sketching to digital art. 

And in the Saturday afternoon, we presented something really special; the ‘Love in the city’ concert, an open-air performance by Orchestra of the City with synaesthetic screening by Lumen prize finalist David Moreton.


Orchestra of the City, London’s leading non-professional ensemble which has been increasingly recognised for its pioneering and inclusive concert series, presented a programme that incorporates three of the greatest musico-dramatic works about love, led by musical director Chris Hopkins: Saint Saens' ‘Danse Bacchanale’ from Samson and Delilah, Tchaikovsky's Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture and Wagner's ‘Prelude’ and ‘Liebestod’ from Tristan und Isolde.


Artists invited visitors to take part in a variety of activities seeking lively interaction with the public. Opening up new encounters, establishing a sense of community that goes beyond geographical limitations, #TRIBE17 beceme a playground for artists across genre where the multi-layered relationship between space and identity were constantly tested.


'I have been part of the ‘tribe’ for two years now and the it has given me reason to paint, carry on painting and inspired me to produce more art as I always felt appreciated and loved and they always make me feel energised and honoured to get out and show my work and I always received massive support from the team. The event is very popular, well organised, very approachable and friendly team always there to help and I got to meet so many incredibly talented artists from across the arts and made so new friends and every year I look forward to this event as to be honest the highlight of my ‘art’ career and one of the most exciting events in London. Friends from Italy, family from france and Italy… everybody came to see me during those days and attend the event and it was just wonderful and fun.

The event are always organised with love and passion and are going from strength to strength. I look forward for the new Tribe and I just cannot wait :) '


Stefano Cesario, artist


'Tribe16 was my first ever exhibition and I was very lucky for this to be with the Chrom-Art team. This is an amazing group of people who are passionate about their volunteer work, and I stress volunteer because all the proceeds go back into developing the careers of emerging artists. As this was more than a visual arts event (performance and installation), I was able to connect with my fellow peers from different creative disciplines. The feel of the event is genuine and organic – from my interactions with the audience and fellow artists to the venue and organizers. Since Tribe16, I have continued to work with the Chrom-Art in other avenues to promote my work and career. Much respect to the team and keep up the good work!'


KV Duong, artist

‘I have participated in the Tribe festival since it started a couple of years ago. It’s great fun, very upbeat, lots of interesting artists and visitors and a good opportunity to meet, network, collaborate.

The Chrom-Art team always work tirelessly and passionately to ensure it is the best it can be.’


Sal Jones, artist


'Tribe 16 was my first art experience ever, since then I have participated in many other art events but no one has the amusing mixture of every style from so many perspectives. You also managed to select great works accompanied but the coolest team of people. For me it was an amazing launch to the art world, I made friendships, professional contacts, I sold my first paintings, I learnt lots from all and I had an smashing fun during both years.

Everyone is so looking forward :) ♡ '


Maria Linares Freire, artist


"Tribe is a family friendly creative extravaganza"


 William Hughes, artist