#TRIBE15 Alternative Art Festival

Exploring the Current Meaning of Belonging

Friday 4 - Sunday 6 September 2015

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Following a highly enthusiastic response to our Call for Artists launched in June 2015, Chrom-Art held #TRIBE15 - Alternative Art Festival "Exploring the Current Meaning of Belonging" - the first weekend of September (Friday 4 - Sunday 6 September 2015) at a unique 12,000 square feet venue in central London.

Featuring close to 100 international and UK-based artists from the world of contemporary art, music, dance and performance this was a ‘living exhibition’ encouraging collaboration among artists from different backgrounds. The energy-fuelled weekend included FREE access for visitors to all activities.

Creating a platform for cross-disciplinary collaboration through a series of events in unexpected venues across London, this was Chrom-Art’s most ambitious project that set the enterprise as a distinctive supporter and bold initiator of artistic initiatives on the international art scene.

Exploring the theme of BELONGING, #TRIBE15 brought together works that engaged the artists’ personal views and individual stories on the theme and looked at what belonging in the 21st century means. For the duration of the festival 47/49 Tanner Street became a utopian space where notions of physical space and the limitations associated with it were challenged through a dense network of multiple human relations and energies.

Artists invited visitors to take part in a variety of activities seeking lively interaction with the local residents. Opening up new encounters, establishing a sense of community that goes beyond geographical limitations, #TRIBE15 became a playground for artists across genre where the multi-layered relationship between space and identity were constantly tested.

TRIBE15 Promo by Dan Chase at Meeting of Styles UK
TRIBE15 Promo by Dan Chase at Meeting of Styles UK
TRIBE15 Promo by Hicks at Meeting of Styles UK
TRIBE15 Promo by Hicks at Meeting of Styles UK

The Artists

We love them. They are at the centre of what we do, and we work hard creating opportunities for people to get to know them.

Live Street Art

Five renowned international street artists (Amara por Dios, Annatomix, Sr.X, Daniel Dalopo and Marc Craig) painted live throughout the event, producing collaborative work that explores themes of the past, present, and future of mankind.

Guest Artist - Jim Vision

Guest Artist Jim Vision, celebrated street artist, key figure on the London street art scene, arts community champion and 'Meeting Of Styles UK' organiser met art lovers and painted large canvases live.

Headline Performance

Headline Performances by IthacaAudio (www.ithacaaudio.com).

Inmersive Theatre

MICROMACRO, aka Clementine Telesfort and Belinda Papavasiliou artistic duo presented their latest work "Laughing Bones" after their successful residence in the Netherlands.


Engaging with a multiplicity of mediums, their productions are emerging from their knowledge of the body as an archive. Exploring the pathways in which it can lead to an understanding of our nature and open possibilities for creating interactive, political and visceral statements.

Laser Mapping

Artist David Moraton used the latest special fx techniques to create a visual and sound show that transformed the arches in the Garage into a wondrous new world.


After their success in our previous show, "Id", Private View, we counted again with the unique performances of Live Butoh.


Live Butoh performances convey impermanence and constant metamorphic change in the existence of life. It works with the subconscious nature of one self and explores the theme of transformation.

Art Sale

The 3 floors of the warehouse were taken over by artists for 3 days. There was no pre allocated spaces and artists themselves distributed the open floors and self curated the event.


Artists were given the option to connect beforehand through social media and discuss how to prepare for the event. Chrom-Art's curatorial team this time acted merely as coordinators/facilitators if required.


The aim was to open the floors so that artists could sell directly to the public. Artwork on display was a variety of paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, and installations. 


Our music curator, Alan Cross, invited a selection of exceptional DJs to create a soundtrack for the event to be to be played live throughout the festival’s duration.

Kids Room

Psychodoodlz took over the Kids room. They are an incredible collective of like-minded artists who seek to combine, explore and enjoy mixing their creative talents to produce exciting and liberating artwork.


They produce unique collaborative pieces of street art, and are regulars on the London street art scene, taking part in community and altruistic projects. 


The Yard, a large outside space, was transformed into a food market with various stalls offering fresh, wholesome food from around the world from independent producers.

The Venue

The venue was impressive listed Victorian warehouse with 3 floors of unique and versatile spaces, a garage and outside space in the heart of London

Run by social enterprise Ugly Duck (www.uglyduck.org.uk), it is just south of Tower Bridge, and close to the City Hall and Design Museum sits between the popular Maltby Street Market, the White Cube gallery and Bermondsey street. The place is a hub of community activity. 

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