CHROM-ART Presents

‘COMMON PEOPLE’ An exhibition about all of us

3 November to 3 December 2016 - Extended to 7 January 2017!




To mark the launch of OFF QUAY, a unique creative hub with stunning Docklands Views run by Ugly Duck Spaces, Chrom-Art curates ‘Common People’, an exhibition about all of us. 


It’s a fact that we are all spinning at a thousand miles per hour in a ball with a core that’s hotter than the surface of the sun.

It’s a fact that we are all made of stardust, as there is solid science behind the statement that almost every element on Earth was formed at the heart of a star.

As unbelievable as they sound, these facts are true and we believe them. As unbelievable as it sounds, many of us still don’t believe we are all the same, and as such, we are all equal. 


Common is not the opposite of Special. Common is the opposite of Separation. Reject antagonisms and embrace what you share with everyone else, the commonness that makes every single one of us special. 


Common People is a narration of oneness through portraits and depictions of ordinary people by 21 extraordinary artists


Charles Harrop-Griffith  / Cyril Arsac / DALOPO / Daniel O’Sullivan / David Gwinnutt / Diane Goldie / Elisa Cantarelli / Ernesto Romano / Froso Papadimitriou / Gianluca Pisano / Ilie Mitrea / Johanna Hayward / Lee Ellis / Mathias Vef / Nara Walker / Paul Larricart / Pernilla Iggstrom / Roman Lokati / Sal Jones / SR.X / Stefano Cesareo


Curated by Kris Cieslak and Beata Kozlowska



PR: Lucy Oulton and Katherine Scoble (

Charles Harrop-Griffiths


Title: Worship

Media: Digital render

Size: 80x60cm Price: £360

Cyril Arsac


Title: Memories (2010)

Media: Photography

Size:  80.5 x 111cm (Framed)     Price : £550



1.Title: "They, and the others" (2016)

Media: Mixed on wood  

Size:50x50cm                               Price:£510


2.Title "Broken heart" (2016)

Media: Mixed on round canvas 

Size: 50x50cm                             Price: £510

Daniel O'Sullivan


Tittle: "Borrowed circumstances as steady as the mist" (2015)

Media: Oil on canvas

Size: 200cm x 120cm               Price: £3,300

David Gwinnutt


Title: Vicky Waiting (2011)

Media: Photography. Limited edition of 20


                            Price : £400 (£450 framed)


Diane Goldie


Title: Birth  

Media: Mixed materials: cotton knit, chicken wire, wadding, nylon hair.  

Size : 22"  x  10"                          Price : NFS  


Elisa Cantarelli


Title: Pope Francis (2014)

Media: mixed media: dotting on digital print, PVC support  

Size: 50.5cm x 50.5cm (framed) Price: £850

Ernesto Romano


Title: Royal Blood (2016)

Medium: Lambda Print with Perspex reverse mounting  Edition: 10

Size: 80x60 cm Price: £1950


Froso Papadimitriou  


1. Title: Black dot series 04 (2009)

Medium: fabric, acrylic, ink, newspaper, glass paint on found wood

Size: 60 cm x 80 cm                    Price: £720


2. Title: index series_01010 (2010)

Medium: ink and toner on paper

Size: 53 cm x 43 cm (Framed)    Price: £440

lie Mitrea


Title: Fetisurile lui Durer (2014)

Media: oil on wood

Size: 57 x 64 cm                        Price: £1500



Johanna Hayward


Title: Ruby on the Evening Standard (2016)

Media: Oil and mixed media

Size:  (framed) 70cm x 95cm      Price: £450 

Lee Ellis


Title: 'man drinks alone in a café in Lisbon' (2016)

Media: Oil, acrylic & pastel on canvas  

Size: 60 x 123cm                       Price: £1300

Mathias Vef


Title: B02 (2016)

Media: photographic print & GHB/GBL

Size: 30x42 cm (framed)            Price: £750 

Nara Walker


Title: The Dean (2016)

Media:  acrylic on canvas

Dimension:  120x150cm          Price : £3,400  


Paul Larricart


Title: Captain America

Media: Acrylic and spray paint with stencil Size: 50x50cm                             Price: £400



Pernilla Iggstrom


Title: The Emptiness Between Us That Says Everything III (2010)

Media: Oil on canvas  

Size:165 x120 cm                     Price: £2,900

Roman Lokati


1.Title- Lost in the city |   (2015)

Media: painted aluminium  

Size: 45 x 60 cm                          Price: £800


2.Title- Lost in the city ||   (2015)

Media: painted aluminium  

Size: 40 x 25 cm                          Price: £500

Gianluca Pisano


Tittle: Albino (2016)

Media: Oil on canvas

Size: 100cm x 100 cm              Price: £2,500


Sal Jones


Title: I Just Didn’t Want Him to Leave (2015) 

Media: Oil on canvas

Size: 91 x 91 cm                       Price: £1500 



1.Title: It's New, It's Here

Media: Mixed media on wood

Size:112 x 81 cm Price: £700.00

Edition of 10


2.Title: Loser

Media: Mixed media on wood

Size: 71 x 100 cm Price: £ 1400

Stefano Cesario


Title : Man In Nero  (2016)

Medium : Gloss paints on canvas  

Dim : 150x100 cm                       Price : £700



Capstan House - 1 Clove Crescent - London E14 0BD


Opening Hours:

Thursday 18.30pm to 9pm (Launch Party - Invitation Only)

Every Day 10am to 6pm