Canonbie Heights


A unique development of two detached modern luxury homes with breathtaking views of London.

Artworks @ Canonbie Heights:

Hurford-Salvi-Carr new flagship City office

Since January 2016

Our first collaboration with this prestigious London real estate firm, for their new flagship store in the City. A contemporary oriental style space that blends in harmony with almost every style of art, from bold abstract paintings to colourful figurative works.

Artworks @ Hurford-Salvi-Carr:


Since November 2015

Our second collaboration with CLPD, providing art for a unique West London development.

This warm classic-contemporary style family home was complimented with abstract, figurative pieces and paper sculptures from artists Nara Walker, Alberto Fusco, Arturo Garcia de las Heras and Santiago Alcón.

Pictures by Rob Falconer

Artworks @ Heathcroft:

Ransome's Dock

October 2015

Ransome's Dock is a collaboration with boutique firm of architects and property developers CPLD. Chrom-Art supplied paintings, photographies and sculptures for the marketing of two bespoke luxury riverside apartments in Battersea, London.


Dominant style: Pop Art

Ransome's Dock catalogue
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Artworks @ Ransome's Dock:

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