We are a new London based Social Enterprise (Community Interest Company) that supports talented undiscovered artists of all disciplines in our local communities, and promotes the education of creativity for the public benefit.

We are 100% volunteer run and operate a policy of applying all our profits to our social objectives.


Our vision is to change the way artistic work is represented and viewed


Chrom-Art mobilises art lovers to become active players in the art world,

working to increase the visibility of emerging artists,

connecting artists with art lovers

and supporting artists and the wider community by building mutually beneficial collaborations

for the public benefit.



Increasing the visibility of diverse

and emerging artforms and artists

1. Supporting emerging unrepresented artists in developing their artistic talent and ability to create art by providing both commercial opportunities [online

shop, art loans collaborations] and non commercial help [studio space, mentoring opportunities].


2. Providing affordable opportunities for talented artists to produce, exhibit and sell their work.


3. Raising the profiles of artists through interviews and videos.


4. Building a brand and a credible voice for promoting diverse art forms that may not otherwise not reach an audience.


Connecting artists with art lovers

5. Creating inspiring events that bring together art lovers, the wider community and artists to appreciate all forms of art e.g. the Tribe events.


6. Building wider platforms for the sharing of art and increasing the reach of that art through building up audiences of art lovers through all social media and innovative physical showcase events.


Supporting artists and the wider

community by building mutually

beneficial collaborations

7. Working within communities to educate and inform about all forms of artistic expressions and encourage interest in the arts.􀀁


8. Providing job opportunities for young people in our communities through artistic projects and collaborations between Chrom-Art, the artists and the commercial sector.


9. Working with the commercial sector and other interested stakeholders in raising funds, when necessary, to support the achievement of the Organization's objectives.


10. Running projects aimed at the education of creativity to children and young people of all backgrounds and abilities.



JAVIER MELIAN  co-founder  Managing Director
JACINTO CAETANO co-founder New Business & Creative Director
KRIS CIESLAK co-founder  Curator
ARTURO GARCÍA DE LAS HERAS co-founder Social Media Strategy
BEATA KOZLOWSKA Director Community Engagement & Arts Education


TIM HARGRAVE Trustee Finance
VALERIIA BONDAR-CHAGNAUD Director Stakeholder Liaisons & Fundraising
JAVIER LAURET Venue Acquisitions
ALAN CROSS Music Curator





I was born in Canary Islands in a family of five siblings. I always had a creative mind and a strong determination to the point my mum would call me "steam roller". When I finished school I wanted to become an Advertising creative, however I succumbed to family pressures and followed the path to more "stable" sources of income. I went to University in Madrid to study Business instead.


Almost 20 years ago I moved to London to take on higher education and never left. My day job is in Financial Services, however my real passions are Art and mentoring. I started volunteering as mentor for young people about 8 years ago, mostly artists (graffiti writers, tattoo artists, etc). That was the start of a life changing journey, as in the quest to find ways to help my mentees I joined Twitter were I met other art lovers and truly inspirational people and ended up doing arts promotion. My mentees used art and color as self-therapy, to escape their problems and confront their fears. They are the motivation and the inspiration behind the Chrom-Art project.




Born in Warsaw, Poland, I now live and work in London, where I moved after a successful series of exhibitions in Paris, Rome, Milan and Warsaw. I’ve always been interested in visual art, especially in drawing, painting and sculpting. While studying at Schola Posnaniensis – University of Art -in Poznań, Poland with my main subject – Unique Object, I had exhibited my early works. After that I went to Paris as I felt the need to be surrounded by art even more. Since 2004, I’ve been a successful commercial artist, focusing my practice on painting, sculpting and ceramics and developing a unique painting style that I called “stripism", demonstrating that in art the only limitations are the borders of our own imagination. 

I also curated and managed numerous art exhibitions and events in Warsaw, Paris and here in London, and as such had the opportunity to work with many talented artists, suppliers and contractors as well as with interesting clients and collectors. My big love in life are people. I am very keen to share my passion and talents with individuals who want to participate and be inspired by my creative process, sharing my thoughts and ideas with them, hoping that it will bring more good to our existence, using the universal language of art.




Not sure if it was my passion for the visual aspect of my environment when I was a kid, but my mum keeps telling me how obsessed I was with changing everything around me; from moving round furniture in my bedroom to renewing the covers of text books. Basically, if it existed, I had to changed it. When I first ever boarded a plane, in 2000 (yes 20 years old!), I was sure that I would want to do this over and over again. That experience was almost like a prophecy... It was magical. The same magic as in a Disney movie, the magic that converts broomsticks into dancers and made Peter Pan fly over Big Ben.

In 2002, I got to study a modest course of graphic design. The magic came into me again. I started to research and  peruse hundreds of design books and began the process of truly learning my trade and making my ideas come to life. By 2004 I had become the Art Director of a communication agency in Seville. During those initial stages and hard financial times I chanced upon someone handing out flyers announcing flight attendant courses. This was to change the direction of my life again. Buenos Aires was my first ever destination as a flight attendant and from then on I became a pirate navigating the seas so to speak. Ahead of me was a long list of wonderful cities to be exploredFour years later, during the extremely hot summer of 2008, I found myself living in Saudi Arabia and exploring this mesmerizing region, something I would never have dreamt as a child in Spain.

However, the following year, recession caused many airlines to fold and my life yet again took a different direction So I still don't really know how I ended up learning Art Direction, but there I suddenly was, enrolled in one of the most successful design schools in Barcelona. It was one of the best decisions of my life, this enabled me to become involved in one of the most exciting and fulfilling projects I have ever embarked on: the building of a business in Fort Lauderdale.

It was then that I realized I want to dedicate my life to art, design, and travel. And two years later, Im on board of one of the top ten advertising agencies in London, the city of Peter Pan, so back to the beginning! That only makes me think about WHO KNOWS what the future will come up with. Isnt it life exciting?



I was born in Madrid in 1973 and ever since I can remember I draw and paint. I've always been interested in art, and always open to different styles, trends, schools and authors. On the same day I can admire some pieces by Velazquez, Dali or Picasso at the museum, and then freak out with a graffiti on street by Borondo, SNIK or Norman Rockwell (just to mention a few in both cases). I'm in permanent search of new techniques, not only getting the appropriate lessons from an academic perspective, but also experimenting myself with new materials and ideas, which you can tell just browsing my artwork through the years.

I've always been involved in volunteering activities, mainly with kids, aimed at giving back to the communities we live and work in. I have found in Chrom-Art the best channel to drive those two interests, art and philanthropy simultaneously, as it is a Social Enterprise focused on enabling emerging artists to develop their practice and reach a broader audience; a mentoring space and artistic cluster where art can be nurtured, commercialized and enjoyed by everyone.

By joining Chrom-Art, I hope to be able to help developing the philosophy and the mission of the organization, combining my modest artist's point of view, with a profound volunteering spirit.



I am the property-obsessed part of Chrom-Art. Raised to be a musician I studied violin and viola since I was a child and then for another 14 years in several conservatories,. However I was always fascinated by the career of my oldest brother who is an architect, and growing surrounded by his books I developed a true passion for buildings, architecture, interior design and property. At the time that was a tricky profession in Spain. As a result I opted for a Business degree at the Complutense University of Madrid and went to work for one of the largest food and snacks manufacturers in the world (yes you have purchased those chocolate bars hundreds of times), where I spent a decade in different sales and marketing roles in Spain and Portugal. All those years equipped me with a strong corporate background. After that I decided it was about time to fulfil my true vocation. I started a small property development company in Spain which I still run, and when I moved to London decided to stick to property, studying a Masters in Real Estate, working for a boutique property consultancy in the West End and becoming now mostly focused on commercial property. I am the venues facilitator at Chrom-Art and I will be sourcing the most exciting spaces to display the art of this group of amazing artists.




My passion has always been Art. This artistic journey started quite early in Warsaw, but destiny brought me to London where I was admitted to the University of The Arts, Camberwell College of Arts. There I studied Drawing and achieved Bachelor Degree (BA) (Hons) in 2008. Later I continued my studies and completed Master Degree in Fine Arts ( MFA) at Chelsea College of Art and Design in London in 2010. Since then I have been fully involved in my practice that spreads through many disciplines like drawing, painting, performance, installation and sculpture, all rooted into experimental abstraction and gestural expressionism.


I have been exhibiting in numerous shows in London, and internationally in Warsaw, Bielefeld (Germany), Lithuania and Spain among others. I was awarded for contemporary sculpture by UH Galleries in ‘Eastern Approaches’ in Hatfield 2009, and soon after shortlisted in 2010 for Clifford Chance Sculpture Commission in Canary Wharf, London. In addition I was selected to several national and international art residencies and projects, like 'Working title' Aspex Gallery in Portsmouth, ‘Cortijada Los Gazques’ JOYA, Los Velez in Spain, KCCC Creative Center in Klaipeda, Lithuania and most recently 'Arteles Creative Centre' in Finland.


In addition I have been curating several shows and projects in London. I am interested in experimental, ambitious art, and creating enriching experiences for the viewers. Just to mention a few, I was involved in 'Micro-Macro' at the Red Gate Gallery London, in 'Finders, Keepers, Losers Weepers', a collaborative Public Art Residency in Comway Hall London and in "Big Draw", as a part of South London Women Artists group that was nominated for SAFTA in Visual Arts category.

Along with my art career, I have been working as a qualified teacher (QTS) for several years, leading creative workshops and also teaching art to young people and adults. I am looking forward to bringing my experience and passion for Art to talented artists and art lovers around the world!


More about my practice: www.beatakozlowska.com 



Born and raised in Nigeria, I was 16 when my parents moved to America. I have 3 nationalities, but my African roots guide me in almost everything I do. I have always been interested in the arts as long as I can remember, particularly visual arts and the theatre.  


I moved to London from New York city where I had studied at Columbia University. I found that London and Europe presented such an opportunity to enjoy the arts, so I never left. I studied Law and qualified as a Solicitor/Lawyer in London in 2001 and have been practicing Law in London since.  I specialise in intellectual property, copyrights and technology law and have also practiced and continue to practice in the general commercial law arena.  


I have such a big interest in art and joined Chrom-Art as a way of supporting artists and giving something back to the art community through my work and associations.   




I was born in Ukraine and been living in France and the UK for over 10 years.


I grew up in the family of creative people, by passion and profession from one side and those with the technical mind from another. And this is what had a great influence on my personality.


Since the school age I have been interested in various disciplines of visual arts and performances. However the common sense brought me towards the Linguistic studies, then I followed studies in the International Commerce and obtained the Master degree in the Business management.


I admire the art works from the Renaissance, Impressionism & Surrealism and look at them with great tremor and respect. However the contemporary art has been intriguing me for the last 2 years. 


I am very excited to be part of the great team Chrom-Art and it is an amazing opportunity for me to fulfil myself, to express my creativity and to develop new skills and experiences. 





 I think the best way to describe oneself is through our passions, and mines are art and the will and curiosity to learn. I started to paint when I was four and from that day I have been always passionate about all things art related. 


I soon discovered that I had to shape my career around these two things and I decided to study Art and Marketing and Advertising, helping me to cultivate the sensibility I put in everything I do. I think it is essential to feel and be open to all the things that surround us -people, culture, music, movies...- and from that point transform all our knowledge and influences through our own filter. For me, this is the best way to deliver a unique and personal piece, whatever the discipline I am immersed at that moment. 


Through the years I have developed an obsession for detail in every event I am in charge of, taking care of the organization, the visual identity and the timing in all of them. This obsession comes from the passion I feel for the work I am lucky to do.


Though the beginnings were hard I feel now confident and prepared to love and embrace every challenge that will come in these exciting journeys called art and life.




I graduated in journalism at the Complutense University in Madrid and I love media and communications. In the 80s I started my career as a radio presenter for the Spanish National Radio; in the 90's I moved on to the television Antena 3 TV, as news director, and then director in the commercial sector. The idea of applying my communication knowledge to the realm of internet came to me at the beginning of the 2000s. I was struck by the level of solidarity and gratitude of those who share information on forums, blogs etc. Internet began to shift towards a network where everyone could speak freely without spending much money. Then came Google, YouTube, Facebook, Myspace ... and I went crazy with joy, because it meant for me a free communication tool never seen before, available to everyone. So I decided to leave television and dedicate myself to the internet and all its possibilities. 

I greatly appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with Chrom-Art and make it known to the online artist communities. This is very exciting to me, as it allows me to support so many talented, undiscovered artists.


When I was four years old I had a bad squint in one eye and had to wear glasses and a patch over the eye for a year. From that I became aware of vision, image and 3D space. 

I was always creating things to impress my family - most of all my mum. I only realised, when she died about 40 years later that she was my biggest audience. I was devastated. My power supply was cut. I created nothing for about 2 years, but you move on.

In the 60s our family used to make recordings to send to our Aunt in Australia. It was before cheap long distance phone calls - we used the 1/4" reel to reel tape recorder my dad used to play music at the youth club, which he ran at the local church.. 

I used to spend hours messing around with the tape machine making noises, creating effects and designing a whole world of sound to escape into!. I was a bit of a teenage geek and would live in the attic where I also had small Russian enlarger that I used to print black-and-white photographs. We also had an old piano and I would come home from school and play on it for hours! A girlfriend taught me to play boogie woogie, blues and rock 'n' roll - I was hooked. 

Before long I was learning anything and everything by ear. I was never that good but loved playing for hours - it was my therapy after a day at school. It was only after playing Benny & The Jets for the 15th time my mum would call time - enough is enough!

I am lucky to be inspired not only visually but also through sound and music. 

Chrom-Art is such an exciting place to develop ideas and it's been amazing how fast it's all taken off! It's going to be a great year as the Chrom-Art concept goes from strength to strength.


CHROM - ART C.I.C.  |  Company No. 09412949