Day-Z: Glamourous Street Art And More


I met Day-Z during a workshop organized by Jealous, where we learned a little bit more how the prints (all kinds of prints) are produced. Since then, I´ve followed this fantastic artist who identifies herself with the street art scene, signing a number of advertisement interventions very graciously, and full of glamour. I see her as an awesome fine artist who loves giving a modern twist to her pieces, influenced somehow by street art. 


Day-z is an up and coming London born and based artist. She studied Fine Art at Central St Martins where her tools of choice were a humble pen & pencil. Since then she’s continued to perfect her craft with more than 1000 hours of practice and a natural finesse. Breathing lifelike detail into her drawings, combined with witty, comical and politically provocative ideas she explores the ways in which brands pervade our lives and recreates old masterpieces with a contemporary perspective. With representation among several illustrious modern galleries from London to Switzerland, and a strong presence on the streets and social media, Day-z has only just begun.


In 2014, Day-z was awarded the ‘The People’s Choice’ artist by the Derwent Art Prize. Last year Day-z debuted her solo show ‘Branded’ at leading firm Ashurst LLP showcasing a breadth of playing with iconic brands from Chanel to Coca Cola and was highly received by The Saatchi Gallery Magazine.

What made you get into the art world? Is art something you ever thought about, was it related to previous activities of yours?

   I always loved drawing from the moment I could squiggle with a crayon. I feel more like art chose me rather than the other way around but I made the conscious decision that this is what I’m dedicating the rest of my life to.



How do you choose the themes of your works?  

  Themes in my art are influenced by branding, fashion, and advertising and how these permeate into our day to day lives. I rarely start with the theme and then create a new body of work for it. It’s more a feeling or a thought that plays on my mind and I then start creating pieces which relate to each-other in different ways.


Is there a message in your art? How do you relate it to your personal experience?  

  The main messages throughout my art reflect current contemporary culture and my experience of it. Many pieces reveal the deep seeded messages of brands and advertising in a different light and question how intrinsic they have become in our lives. Other pieces focus on the female form and how this is portrayed by the media, sometimes I’m just having fun ;)  


Could you please tell us about the creative process since initial thoughts to completion?

   The ‘New Era’ piece submitted to Tribe 2016 was created using Faber Castell polychromos colour pencil on 300gsm Card. I tend to start with a very rough sketch and then add in the layers of detail. It can take anywhere between 1week and 3 months to create a brand new piece depending on the complexity, size and the exhibition deadline.


 What would be your dream collaboration?  

   My dream collaboration with current artists would be Mason Storm and Josh Keyes. With dead ones it would be Salvador Dali and M.C Escher.


 Who has influenced you the most?   

   Banksy has been a huge influence but I think that goes without saying. I’m saying it anyway. Artists like Alison Jackson have inspired me to play with lookalikes and cheeky interpretations of stern situations whereas the skill with which M.C Escher created his drawings continues to drive me to be better.  


What other artists do you admire? What is your favourite piece of art?  

   I admire a lot of the old Masters from Dali to Rembrandt, Caravaggio, Michael Angelo the list is endless. My favourite piece of art changes depending on what I am currently into.



How would you describe the current art scene in London and UK?

  Even though I’ve always lived in London and even through the arts have continued to thrive with in excess, this city continues to astonish me.


What are you working on currently? Any projects / ventures on the horizon?  

  Presently there’s a few new drawings I am working on which employ the techniques of old masters to recreate their masterpieces but interjected with modern twists to resonate in a more relevant way with today’s generation.


Where can we buy your art?      

    The best places to buy my art are on my website shop and through the below London galleries:


Day-z Shop: https://day-z-shop.mysho

Beautiful Crime: http://www.beautifulcri

Imitate Modern: http://imitatemodern.c om/product-category/day-z-2/




More information about the Artist available on






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