Haitian Art series volume 1: TIMOUN Rezistans

By Haitian artist Herold Pierre Louis

TIMOUN Rezistans is the name of a group / youth movement artists who created assemblages from waste found in their neighborhood - a small compact area.

Ghetto main artery background Grand Rue in the heart of the Haitian capital. Together Timoun Rezistans perpetuate the aesthetic of the art of collage Rezistans atis referring to the Afro-Haitian history of the present, as well as forms of renewal through the hip-hop culture and digital techniques.

When we sold a painting he helps us with this money we pay our school, we are helping money too.


TIMOUN Rezistans was formed in 2007 curators are Mario Pierre Louis (1994), Leonce Love (1995), Pierre Louis Herold (1996), Jean Milord Muller (1996), Evens Richelieu


Who are we ?

Love born Leonce (2 October 1995) is an artist of Timoun Rezistans in Haiti. He began to make sculptures and joining of materials recycled in 2006, His subjects are inspired by nature and stories of Vodou. Leonce Love was involved in numerous group exhibitions (2008 creation Culture Foundation) for the workshop and work with children and also FOKAL 2010 EMBASSY OF FRANCE, FRENCH INSTITUTE and the Ghetto Biennale. In 2015, I worked in a project Radio Shak ... I expose the Timoun Rezistans in Denmark in collaboration with Kuratorisk AKTION To work with foreign expertise and My other passion is music as a DJ SANPAREY, play House, Dancehall, Ragga Muffin and Hip Hop. My dream is to exhibit his work internationally.


Milord Jean Muller was born (March 1996)

I started in art in 2008 at the age of 12 years alongside timoun Rezistans in this small community but which imposes their work thanks to their talent. I grew up in a family composed of 4 sisters and a brother, a wise family espectueux who always asks their children education as a custom carrier and exhibition of the artist Jean Muller Milord has participated in several exhibition in Haiti such as; Embassy of France, FOKAL, cultural foundation creation, cemeteries port au prince, and others.

But my first for me is to have to do a great and this beautiful exhibition in Denmark in the city by a staff curator kuratorisk Aktion. thanks to the staff improve these 5 young little.

My dream is to exhibit his work internationally.




Evens born Richelieu (September 1986) I am an artist, and also Ironwork I worked in Timoun Rezistans since 2006, I have been recycled art. I did a lot of experience with other great artists and also with Timoun Rezistans, I participated in all exhibitions Timoun Resistant did.


Mario Pierre-Louis (born 1994) is an artist who works from the Grande Rue - Timoun Rezistans. I used recycled materials and items found in the local area to constract sculptures and assembly art on wood panels. It is inspired by other artists Rezistans Atis

Its object depicts the stories of Vudou beliefs imaginative new ways.

His art is my only means of support for food and education. My trip to Denmark in March 2015 for an exhibition and workshops with Rezistans Timoun inspired him to get his work recognized and exhibited internationally.

My dream is to exhibit his work internationally.


I'm Herold Pierre Louis, I am a young Haitian artist age 19 My journey as an artist began in 2006 when I started working art at the age of 6 I make my first work that I I sold for $ 5, I was very happy, it's the first time I sold a work. my imagination comes into the air and after I create the works. My life is a little difficult in Haiti for me and my friends Timoun Rezistans because we work a lot without any reward ... Our lives are a little difficult, sometimes you can not go to school, when me and my friends sell a work of art that paid the school.


Objective and our thinking:

So we decided to form a group, its name is Timoun Rezistans We are 5 young artists, we do collaborations together, these life is like that, we went to visit Denmark to experience.

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  • #1

    Alex Louis (Tuesday, 13 September 2016 00:50)

    Im voting for them because this is where i come form Timoun Rezistans need to grow up i love you guys..

  • #2

    lesly pierrepaul (Tuesday, 13 September 2016 16:35)

    I'm voting for them because they're working so hard to make art and they're making a lot of sacrify to create art recycled tires and Iron . I'm proud of us guys

  • #3

    Charles art jerry (Tuesday, 13 September 2016 16:56)

    I'm voting them coz the timoun Resistans make alot of sacrifice to become a better artists worldwise,good job for the timoun and we have a trustworthy guys if you arrive to think to do this project with the timoun Rezistans.

  • #4

    Tone Olaf Nielsen (Monday, 19 September 2016 07:17)

    I had the pleasure of collaborating with Timoun Rezistans twice. Their work is amazing.

  • #5

    Sheila Marie McKay (Monday, 03 April 2017 02:07)

    I hope to continue to suppot Herold and his colleagues because I believe their work with the children is important and their art work is good and getting better every day. Sheila Marie McKay

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