Introspective Abstract Expressionist - Pedro Sousa Louro Interview

By Arturo Garcia de las Heras; Chrom-Art co-founder

I met Pedro earlier this year, in February, during first FLUX exhibition at the Rug Factory nearby Brick Lane in London. I had a very interesting conversation with him about the rationale and feelings behind his artwork. Also, he surprised me when he told me he already knew some pieces of mine too, so I was really impressed. Since then, I've followed him on Instagram and Facebook, as well as I´ve visited almost all the exhibitions he has participated on, realising how his art evolves with him.

On his works you can see an evolution in his dialogue with colors and geometry.  Despite his preferences about the contemporary artist like for instance Francis Bacon, his reminiscence comes from the neoplasticism of Mondrian and Ben Nickolson, and in some way Picasso, considering that does not exist stress about the subject matter, but the geometry for geometry's sake is the key in his pieces. He uses the technic of dropping used by Pollock but with the order and sense of Rothko. As he assures the Cubism has been part of his life but is only in the early part of his career, in his current researches and studies where his emerging the both cubism and abstract expressionism in just one clearly and sharp Pedro. 
His main aim is interacting and dialoguing with the spectator, telling a story. After short figurative stop combined with his characteristic geometry, now Pedro has found his place on his own art expression world. He is now ready to claim for the so wanted and hard to understand and conquer "honored seat" on Abstract Expressionism artistic path.

How has your practice evolved from TV presenter and model to the abstract expressionist artist you are now? Does it influence your way of working?

Yes so much! The day to day life in a TV  set or recording studio is crazy and fast, which forced me to focus (in the middle of chaos) on the proper daily script subject for a fantastic outcome product.  I take all that experience in my artistic career, especially on keeping track following the wild world of social media. I need social media to my career; I can't avoid using it.  I would also add from my previous career the determination factor, which also connects my past and present path. We only live once here in this form of life, so I lived every second of my past, my present and I'm even more enthusiastic about my future.

How do you choose the themes of your works?

It's not on my command. My vision controls every decision of my artwork. I live in a very crazy but extremely organized spiritual world, but my view in everything is 100% abstract. I speak 5 languages, none of them right… including my own mother tongue. My dyslexia can be considered part of my abstract and complex art world. So in the morning I think I'm going get in my studio with all organized in my head, but as I said it is not on my command the choice of my art themes. It's constant battle the beginning of my artworks.

Is there a message in your art? How do you relate it to your personal experience?

The messages are the outcome of my brain language. My art is almost a word of a dictator; it imposes its commands through my art.

Could you please tell us about the creative process since initial thoughts to completion? How long does it take to complete the piece?

If I manage to make an understanding agreement with my head, all goes well and I can finish a project in a week or two. This is not the average, as usually the pieces I'm working on, talk to me and make me stop several times during the project to reconsider what I'm doing.

What would be your dream collaboration?

I would love to meet and work with all the abstract expressionist artists from the decades  1920 to 80th. Especially the gang from New York west village Chelsea Abstract Expressionist Art School.

Who has influenced you the most?

Almost all artists from the 20th century, but especially Francis Bacon, Ben Nicholson and Picasso.

What other artists do you admire? What is your favourite piece of art?

Sorry, I can't decide just one... Just to mention a few: "Guernica" by Picasso, the "Seated Figure" by Francis Bacon and maybe the "Festival of Britain Mural" 1951 Ben Nicholson. 

How would you describe the current art scene in London and UK?

Each one? There so many. There's the one that controls everything and everyone. Like the Pace Gallery. It's probably the most powerful Gallery in London and the art scene that is around her.  After that one, we have the ones and so many that they help us and we entertain yourselves.

What are you working on currently? Any projects / ventures on the horizon?

I just sold two pieces today. Seriously I was not expecting that news from my PR office in Lisbon so soon of our relation. I want to paint big canvas. Compositions and I got two choices or go to Lisbon where I can go big on my artwork dimensions, or I can go to Munich where one of my old artist friend just invite me to work in her studio for that big scale abstract vision that I want to do this new year. 

Where can we buy your art?

My website as information for that matter ( I got a few pieces around few galleries in London so that specific one have to be with them.

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