Ithaca Audio  -   Meet the Mash-Up Masters

by Javier Melian, co-founder

Multi award winner composers and AV house Ithaca Audio are hitting smashing records. Only in the last year and a half they've won 4 National Music & Sound awards. Their commercial work includes some of worlds largest brands like Mercedes, Volkswagen and UEFA. If you haven't seen them yet performing live in the most innovative Festivals like FutureFest 2015 sharing bill with the likes of George Clinton, Vivienne Westwood, Edward Snowden and Jon Ronson, this is your opportunity now at #TRIBE15. They have developed a new technique that allows manipulating 3D mapping in real-time synchronised to live remixing that are presenting at our Festival. Don't miss it!

Ithaca Audio is recognised  world leader in audio visual remixing and mashups, developing groundbreaking videos and live performances that capture imaginations and let's you experience sound and image like you've never done before.  This multi award winning team of composers and multi-instrumentalists create original music and soundtracks across all genres. They produce music for film, cinema, TV and radio advertising, animations and games, from original brief through production to final mastering.

Ithaca started off as an audio composition company, specialising in interesting, innovative music with a sound design tilt to it. They begun to integrate their strong interest in sampling and remix culture into the company and their reputation started to grow.

They are constantly on the look out for prime material to remix. There are so many avenues to explore with the remix culture now like film, TV, radio, photography even live events... the possibilities are limitless. Their creativity is thriving in this abundance, putting Ithaca in the top of their game in terms of innovation too.

Ithaca has just launched two new strands of the business: Ithaca Visual and Ithaca Experiments, focusing on our video editing capabilities along with their interests in hacking, remixing and misusing new and old technologies for interesting creative results. No doubt these new ventures will join the tremendous Ithaca Audio success.

Commissioned by Nesta to produce an interactive AV installation for their flagship event FutureFest 2015, Ithaca created ‘Cash Flow’, an interactive AV installation exploring the event themes of Future Music, Money and Democracy

Tell us about yourselves and how u got together

Ithaca was started just over five years ago as a company interested in audio visual remixing and the re-interpretation of existing content into something new, original and exciting. Its grown over the last few years and now there are four of us working with audio, video and code to create live shows, art installations and out of the ordinary work. 

What defines you as a group

Our core experience is in audio and we tackle everything we do from a unique audio based perspective which helps to set us apart. We have developed a unique set of skills between us which has helped to get us to the point where we can look at a project and interpret it in a very different way to others. We have worked really hard to dig as deep as possible into remix culture and apply that to our work, whether that is art, advertising or live experience.

What are your influences

We seem to draw influence from innovators such as Double Dee & Steinski, Grandmaster Flash or Coldcut and artists like Amon Tobin and Anish Kapoor... or really just anyone who seems like a creative problem solver, someone who seems to take a seed of an idea and turn it into something which will translate across an audience and amaze different groups of people equally. 

How would you describe your fan base

We’re really lucky in that we have developed a brilliant group of fans of our live work. They have a great understanding of the musical references we make in our work and it’s always fantastic to see their reaction every time we produce something new. 

What would be your dream collaboration

From an audio point of view Amon Tobin has always been a personal hero and his continuos innovation both in the studio and live would make him top of the list to collaborate with. 

What would be your dream event/location

We’re lucky to have performed and worked all over the world but classics like Glastonbury would be fantastic or for installation work, anywhere with amazing architecture to work with is always great.

How does the creative process work in the team

It’s a really enjoyable process where we discuss an new project as a problem and come up with as many creative solutions as possible. We then collaboratively narrow these down to get to the one we think will have the most impact. With such a great team coming from different technical and creative backgrounds it’s worked out to be a great method for developing new ideas that I don’t think any of us would be able to concept individually.

Which direction are you heading artistically? What's your goal?

We’re continuing to do a lot of work in advertising but this year we are also really pushing our interactive installation work. Shifts in the type of exhibits and events that are sparking the public’s imagination (Carsten Höller’s Decision at the South Bank for example) are really exciting for us as innovative interactive audio based installation work is something we love doing and are seeing more and more opportunities in. As far as goals are concerned, as long as we continue to create new work that excites people we’re happy.

Tell us about the new material you are presenting in #TRIBE15

We have been developing a new live 3D show especially for #TRIBE15 remixing hundreds of tracks together in 1 hour with custom 3D projection mapping. Traditionally most 3D projection mapping has alway been restricted to pre-prepared videos but with #TRIBE15 we have developed a new technique allowing us to manipulate 3D mapping in real-time synchronised to the live remixing.

What can the public expect from your shows?

Something different. Unexpected combinations for the eyes and the ears. Something that you can dance to but is equally entertaining just to sit and take in. 

Ithaca Logo
Ithaca Logo

To find out more about Ithaca Audio, please visit

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