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''Advanced Spaceships''
''Advanced Spaceships''

''Looking at the sky I get overwhelmed thinking about the infinitive Universe, full of Galaxies that are full of things - that is my inspiration, designing my own Galaxy with Pyramids, Spaceships, Temples, all balanced with Geometry, the beginning of everything''

– Maria Linares Freire

Born in the South of Spain, since her early childhood Maria Linares Freire has always been attracted to positive energy of the world and its people. After 24 years of living in Spain, and not being able to find her own creative space there, she moved to the UK. It was here in London where she finally felt that this is the best place for embracing her creativity. As she has never forgotten how much it means to her to inspire others through her art, for the past 18 years of living and working in the capital city of England, her childhood dream of being able to make art on a daily basis has been her reality. But most of all Maria finds her very own and unique way in the process of mastering harmony of life through personal development and discovery, each time when she spends long hours on making her art. Her meticulous attention to detail in her art technique, where every drawed line is firstly sketched with mathematical precision, with the use of circinus and rulers, is only one of the steps in the long process that may sometimes take up to 80 hours! - and that is the time spent on just one art pieace. In her creative process she is continuesly moved by the majestic vastness of the Universe, its mystery and possibilities, where she particularly focusses on its geometrical symetry and elegance.

Her curiosity and imagination, combined together in a lifetime quest for exploring creativity, allow her undeniable artistic nature to thrive not only in making visionary images. Her never ending search for finding new ways of translating her passion for art and in all what is made with heart, can also be found in her love for cooking. Maria Linares Freire is also one of the top Chefs working in London, and her original dishes are gaining hearts of more and more high quality food lovers each day, not to mention that her original recipes are pieaces of art in their own terms.

Miaria Linares Freire is also an activist sensitive to animal's rights, and long time member of RSPCR, as well as Green Peace Organization. She is very specific when it comes to choosing music, that she is listenning to while she is creating. In the collection of her all time favourite music there are: Bad Brains, Old Delta Blues, and Led Zeppelin. We are happy that Maria Linares Freire decided to choose TRIBE 15 ART Festival for her artistic debut.

''The rainbow Maker''
''The rainbow Maker''

How and when did you realise you were an artist?

I have been very creative since I was a child, always drawing, painting, and making my own food, and I always knew that there was something about more about my curiosity and imagination.

Did anyone specially encouraged you to become and artist?

My husband when I met him, as soon as he realised what my passions were he pushed me into

cooking profession and painting to see me smiling more.

How would you describe the form of your art, and its style?

I call it Geometrical art inspired by nature, with science fiction, astronomy and psychology combined.

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What is the most important message you would like to communicate through your art?

Through my art I try to give an extra window to another place were all is harmony, energy and balance. A paint that when you look at it you can let go your imagination and forget about everything for a few minutes, and in my case so much more.

Your art is strongly embedded in your cultural and ethnic identity – what does identity mean to you, and what in your opinion is the best way to understand one's own identity?

I grew up in a money obsessed society full of ''arrangements and pretendings'', that is why I became a punk in heart. I left everything I had in Spain to come to London to build up my own world, where I am truly valued for what I do.

What other media would you like to explore in the future?

I wold love to write all the things that go through my mind and see what happens.

How important is diversity of media in your art work? What other media would you like to explore in the future?

Diversity always helps in everything, but is the first time I go public with my work, I will let you know in a few months.

If you were to name your inspirational 'time and space' zones, what would they be? In other words: what makes you feel and be inspired, and what keeps you artisticaly evolving?

London evening sky.

What other art works and artists you appreciate, and what would be your dream collaboration?

I love Bauhaus, Geometrical, Constructivism. I really admire Lazlò Moholy-Nagy, Rodchenko, Vasarely, Andy Gilmore, Escher, Rafael Araujo, Robert Fludd, and many more! There is so much beauty out there! I also get enchanted with ancient maps and geometrical studies. I would love to have Julio Le Parc with impressive lightning installations for my exhibitions.

What is your next artistic project, and goals you would like to achieve?

I just want to keep building up my Galaxy, I also have a commission to start in October and maybe I will start focusing on writing, everyday comes with a surprise.

What are you working on at the moment?

At the moment and working on a Gateway to the Moon - I told you I was a big dreamer.

In your opinion, what are the best ways for organisations like us to support artists?

You guys are amazing, not only sweet and super well mannered but fun and professional too. I think by organising competitions combining arts together is the best way for new artist to understand what could come next. Thanks so much!