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By Vincent Echenique (Twitter @VinceEchenique Instagram: @FFmvincent)

Random viewing of photographs, magazines, and pictures of his favourite artists is the first step in the creative process of an artist who sees this documentary emptying as the vital framework for the representation of a conglomerate of ideas. This is how contemporary artist Benjamin Garcia describes the initial approach for the crystallisation of any of his works.

Benjamin Garcia nods as he describes himself as an artist owing to the fusion of media, to the coexistence of the communication channels and its representations. He explains his attachment to depict the human figure in this way: "I think it's because my evolution as an artist comes from the traditional and digital illustration and much of my inspiration comes from media such as film, animation and comic, which all tell stories in a more or less coherent way".

It is rather an inexplicable cohesion of images depicted in pop art that assumes a broad understanding of the staging of figures and messages in media such as film. However, Benjamin barely visits art exhibitions. He says he rarely goes to museums, unless they are exhibiting some of his favourite artists or painters. Worth noting that Garcia keeps and eye one what other colleagues of the same artistic current are doing in other latitudes. He recognises his liking of the works of German artists Jonathan Messe and Neo Rauch, compatriot Starsky Brines or British Anthony Micallef, among others.

"My greatest satisfaction as a painter is when I feel the painting is brought to fulfilment"

His dedication to painting transcends the concept of occupation. He defines himself as a full-time painter from four years ago after having completed his studies at Caracas School of Design. His talent marked his fate and attachment to art bringing him personal satisfaction at all levels. "I actually became a painter in a more or less organic and fluent way. I think the reason that prompted me to pursue art as a career is that it's something I can do all day and not get bored and it seems to get more and more interesting with each new work”, he said.

Benjamin Garcia is one of Venezuela's young talents whose works leave this encouraging image projected in the gloomy atmosphere of crisis hanging over companies desperate to see daylight., The illuminating light of a work of art. The goodness of art lies in its geographical physical significance, thanks to the power of the human imagination and your disposal to interpret from experiences and influences of life itself.

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