by Javier Melian - co-founder

'Maestro' Pisano is a good friend of the Chrom-Art house.

The charming Sardinian brought chiaroscuro back to make it the hottest thing since sunburns.

We interviewed him last year for The Palette Pages and witnessed his big success at FLUX exhibition in February.

He is now in our 'ID' Show at Display Gallery with three amazing pieces we asked him to comment for us. Here are his answers....

"Calm down dear"

Oil on Canvas, 2014. 100x100cm

This a painting is inspired by the relationship that humans have with domestic animals and in particular the fallacy of attributing human traits  to animals. We tend to anthropomorphize animals in order to be able to love them as we would humans. Thinking of a nonhuman entity in human ways renders it worthy of moral care and consideration.  Animals that cannot be associates with humans are very difficult to love (insects for example).  What   humans   consider   love   is not  necessarily the same  for animals;  many domestic animals  are subjected to unnatural abusive treatment that renders them useless toys imprisoned by their ever loving owners.

"Eyes of Medusa"

Oil on Canvas, 2014 - 100x100cm

I wanted to paint an image with both the elements of a   "Vanitas painting" and the "Femme Fatale" concept.  Both are reminder of the irresistible attraction for   the superficially beautiful, transient, perishable or dangerous. In Greek mythology   Medusa , whose gaze turns men into stone, was one of the many embodiments  of the anxious misogynist and deeply disturbed relationship that men had with women.

"Virgin of the poppies"

Oil on Canvas, 2015 - 120x190cm

I despise war and the glorification of it. I feel a profound sense of discomfort when public displays   of institutionalised grief are paraded on anniversary dates. It all appears   hypocritical and fake.  “Virgin of the poppies" is my tribute to all the people   sent to be slaughtered in wars that they hardly understood or wanted.  A disturbingly pubescent   girls is emerging from a river full of dead bodies, is a nightmarish scenario, the girl is the virgin claiming the lives of her  victims. She has a face that shows that   there is no meaning,  glory or justice   to war. The disturbing madness of war we, as society,   are   unable to escape.

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