WHAT LIES BENEATH - Meet Simona Ruscheva

by Javier Melian - Chrom-Art.org co-founder

This young Bulgarian figurative artist based in London is captivating audiences with her intimate, dreamlike style. She dropped maths to become a painter, and her art is now the best testimony of a right decision. She is part of the talented group taking part in our launch show 'ID' at Display Gallery, London. If you haven't been yet, come and see us. ID closes 30th April  

Simona was born in Yambol, Bulgaria in 1989. She graduated on BA Painting in Veliko Tarnovo in 2012 and since then lives and works in London


She always had a particular interest in human body which she developed throughout the years until it became the main topic in her works. While gathering experience and knowledge in different areas of study and walking into the depths of her mind Simona discovered many ways in which she could approach the ideas forming her as a person, pointing out the darkest pieces of her soul as the honest and unconcealed truth about herself.


Combining symbolism, figurative and abstract, expanding mediums and techniques, she continues searching the inside and beyond.

When did you realise you were an artist?

That I can say was the end of my first year in high school. I was hesitating about studying either maths or art and I actually went for maths. After my graduation it was really an easy decision to continue to an art university


Where do you think is the most exciting art nowadays?

London,but I would definitely consider Los Angeles and New York.

What is the meaning of the tusks frequently depicted in your paintings?

Everyone has a dark side,trying to crawl its way out,but I am not denying it,I am trying to show a way of symbiotic coexistence 

Is there a message in your art?

Not specifically,but if there is,it would be-there is no light without darkness

Is there sexism in art nowadays?


What is your dream?

I have got too many to list,some are art related, some are spiritual, some are completely materialistic, but I think its all a chain of events and you cant skip in between in order to achieve something,you must go all the way.

What do you think Chrom Art should do / could do to help emerging artists?

I really thing if ChromArt continues with doing exhibitions the way they are doing so far that would be the biggest help,everything else is in the artists hands.

Where can we buy your art?

My website or contacting me directly is the best way. My website will be going under renovation really soon, but it will still have my contact details - www,simonaruscheva.com 

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    Cornelia (Sunday, 19 April 2015 08:17)

    Amazingly fresh, fantastic talent! Thank you for sharing it with us.

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