By Javier Melian (www.chrom-art.org co-founder)


Last night, 18th Feb, Lisa Gray (Palette Pages / Gray’s Art Gallery) put on a show like no other, with a jam packed opening event of FLUX at the Rag Factory, London.


Exquisitely curated by her, the exhibition displays the works of over 70 of the hottest emerging artists from around the globe. The atmosphere was electric and fun, with eccentric live performances in a venue that is airy and unique in character.

The ChromArt team were there in full. We talked to the artists about their works, and had a great time mingling with lots of familiar faces plus other Art entrepreneurs like the lovely people of The Cult House team, and Whitesao. It felt like a celebration, and although the place was bursting to the seams with people, there was space to move around and everyone was having a great time. The bar never seemed to run out either!. Such was the frenzy that the ChromArt team didn’tstick together for long, just for a quick picture at the beginning of the night.


This incombustible woman that is Lisa Gray, with her passionate drive and vision, has set the standard for the emerging arts contemporary scene in London. She is already preparing forthcoming shows. We look forward to seeing what wonderful events she has prepared for us!

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